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Presentation (Eng)Posted by ARKYTEC Sun, February 25, 2018 12:52:21
PMP = Project Management Professional

In Italy the "Project Manager" is a new profession, according to the law 4/2013
and rely on a professional arkytec Certificate has multiple advantages.

Among these, an undisputed fact is the fact of having a legal title recognized by Italian law - as accredited by Accredia - and for this reason with real value for the purpose of public tenders.

In order to demonstrate what is needed with the evaluation of Third Parties, in compliance with the regulatory framework of Law 4/2013, the founders of arkytec have favored the only ones having legal value in Italy:

1 - the possession of a Attestation, which to be considered valid - and does not constitute a serious danger for that "guarantee" that we must give to consumers and customers through the appropriate desk provided by law - must be issued by an Association duly registered with the list published by the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE).

2 - the professional's possession of a Certification pursuant to UNI standards issued by a Certification Company accredited by ACCREDIA.


arkytec applies the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct published by ASSIREP and the Project Management Institute (PMI®).


The Italian Association of Project Managers is a Professional Association, pursuant to Law 4/2013 on professions not organized in orders and colleges, established in Rome on 10 June 2013 and from 2 December 2013 has been included in the appropriate list at the MiSE and may issue a Certificate to all its Members, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

As ASSIREP members, we are bound to the relevant Code of Conduct

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Who is the PMI®

The Project Management Institute is the most important international professional association of Project Management. Founded in 1969. It has proprietary standards in the field of Project Management and issues "Certificates" without legal value (in Italy and for this purpose we define it as Credential)

However, we are members of the Global Project Management Community and this is why we have also joined the PMI® Code of Ethics

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